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Alaskan Art by Lynne Schlumpf

Are you a lover of the great state of Alaska?

Do You have a picture of Alaska you'd like painted from your favorite photo?

I'll create a custom watercolor painting for you. Use the email link under my picture to ask me about your project.

Matanuska Gouache
(personal collection -Not For Sale)

How I got started painting Alaska:

I had been piddling around with art and art lessons for quite awhile and loved to draw as a kid. While watching the movie Insomnia recently, I was completely overwhelmed with the way seeing Alaska in a movie made me feel!

Click here to watch a short clip of the movie - you'll see some beautiful scenery of Nightmute, Alaska

Almost every painter finds something that moves them in a huge way. Alaska was it for me.

I've never been the same. Do you share the same love for a state that is America's last frontier?

Alaskan Farmhouse
(personal collection - not for sale)

Ever since then, all I do is paint Alaska, dream of Alaska, read about it. Something about it sparked something in me I'll never get over. There are things in our lives like that, aren't there? I hope you've found a passion that makes you feel the same.

I'll be posting more paintings here, so come back often. Thanks for coming by.



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