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PhD Student - Technology Education, Curriculum Studies
Education Department, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.
Started September 2002
Completed 42 credits of PhD courses (A+ avg) 2002 - 2005

Master's of Science Degree in Nursing Education,
School of Nursing, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.
1988 - 1993 - Electives focused on computer skills, programming and research for education.
Thesis Topic: The effects of soothing music on neonatal behavioral states in the hospital newborn nursery.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing,
School of Nursing, University of British Columbia Vancouver, B.C.
1981 -1985.
Independent Study Topic: Maternal - Newborn Reciprocity.


June 1989 - present
Nursing Faculty, PLA/Advanced Standing Advisor & Assessor
Kwantlen University College BSN Nursing Program, Surrey, British Columbia
Permanent full-time position in teaching, curriculum development, and organization in Baccalaureate
level Nursing program. Prior Learning Assessment Program Coordinator, development of department
computerized records database, Nursing Informatics web-site. Primarily teach in third and fourth year
of degree program: Nursing Research, Nursing Inquiry, Data Analysis courses. Acting Coordinator of
Collaborative Nursing BSN Program for 2001 - 2002 academic year.

January 2005 – February 2005
Mini-Mag “Get Fit Now” Writer
Allegro Inc., Oregon
Wrote self-help workbook on how to initiate a life-long fitness regime including worksheets, fitness calculations and health related information.

2003 – 2004
Curriculum Development
Open Learning Agency/BC Open University, Burnaby, BC
Contract curriculum developer for Graduate Nurse Refresher Certificate distance education courses: Nursing 340 – Health Review and Nursing 350 – Nursing Update. ECON 310 – Business and Economics Statistics.

November 2003 – February 2004
Curriculum Development
Education Direct – Thomson Learning
Contract curriculum developer for Health Information Technologist online distance education program. Courses: Anatomy & Physiology I.

June 2003 - April 2004
Quick Reference Writer
Permacharts, Inc.
Contract writer for Permacharts student study guides. Projects Completed: Pharmacology; Pilates; British Columbia Quick Reference Guides.

April 2001 - present Web Designer and Technology Consultant
Collaborative Nursing Program PLA Initiative Working Group, Victoria, BC
One year contract to develop PLA section of Collaborative Nursing Program website.
$10,000 grant received from C2T2 (April 2001) to complete this work.

June 2001 - September 2001
Web Designer
Kwantlen University College Wellness Centre, Surrey, BC
Contract to design website for Wellness Centre, housed on Kwantlen infrastructure.

2000 - 2001 Staff Writer
Psychology Network
Writer for health web-site, featuring over 200 psychologists with self-help articles.
Wrote weekly articles related to health, work-life, sports psychology, families, parenting, relationships,
sexuality, spirituality and self-actualization.

January 2000 - November 2001
Nutrition Consultant
Life Choices.com
Wrote monthly articles related to health and nutrition, including balanced diet, biochemistry of essential
nutrients and herbal supplements.

September 2000 - present
Operate professional development company focused on educating nurses in informatics and computer
applications globally.

May 1997 - August 1997
Freelance Writer and Test Preparation
Coach University (On-line), Dallas, Texas
Web-site materials: Coach Training Program exams, Distinctionist exams, and " Thomas Quotes," written on
contract basis.

Mar 1986-Mar 1989
Registered Nurse
Salvation Army Grace Hospital, Vancouver, B.C.
Coordinated postpartum nursing care for new mothers and their newborns.

Jan 1986 - June 1989
Registered Nurse
Lion's Gate Hospital, 4 West - Orthopedics , North Vancouver, B.C.
Also, Ward Computer Trainer: oriented staff to Hospital Information System.


Learning Styles
Researched and created a Learning Styles manual and assessment tool using Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. These tools are administered to all new students in the BSN program at Kwantlen University College. Learning Styles scores are tabulated for faculty incorporation into teaching and learning activities in all courses of the program. 1996 to present.

Nursing Informatics
Researched and created a Nursing Informatics manual and website to incorporate theory and application of nursing informatics into every course in the BSN program at Kwantlen University College. Orientation sessions are held with each incoming class of students and learning activities are integrated into each course by nursing faculty. 1996 to present. http://www.nursing-informatics.com/kwantlen/

Distributed Education
Asynchronous and synchronous delivery of third and fourth year level Nursing courses using a web-based environment. Pedagogical explorations in lifelong learning for professionals, especially nurses and teachers.

Art in Healing Practice
The application of visual art creation and appreciation in self - care, therapeutics and
the healing process and health education.

Music and Health
The application of music for health and healing for neonates, children, in surgery and
medicine, elderly, for studying and in health education.


Director of Mentoring – Wired Woman Society – 2004 - 2005

Editor in Charge – Virtual Nursing Practice and Culture
Online Journal of Nursing Informatics (OJNI) – Oct 2003 - present

Director of Communications 2003 - 2004
Canadian Nursing Informatics Association

Manuscript Reviewer,
The Canadian Nurse/ L'Infirmiere Journal, Ottawa, Canada
January 1991 - to present.

B.C. Editorial Board Representative, 1989 - 1991
The Canadian Nurse/ L'Infirmiere Journal, Ottawa, Canada

Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honour Society, Xi Eta Chapter, Vancouver, B.C.

Active Member on Kwantlen University College's:
Consultative Committee on Educational Technology,
Standing Committee on Student Eligibility
Prior Learning Assessment Coordinator
Admissions Committee
Scholarship Committee

Active Member on External Committees
Chair, Collaborative Nursing Program Website Development Committee
(Site designer and coordinate website development initiatives: http://www.cnpbc.org
Prior Learning Assessment Working Group, Collaborative Nursing Program

WRCASN Member at Large represent Kwantlen University College


Nursing Diagnosis and the U.B.C. Model for Nursing.
May - August, 1991
Designer, scriptwriter and producer of video for U.B.C. School of Nursing.


Curriculum Projects conducted at Kwantlen University College include:

Prior Learning Assessment Guidelines and revised Computers in Nursing module. January to April, 1995

Development of Learning Activities and Student Orientation manual for integration of
Nursing Informatics concepts
into Collaborative Nursing Program courses, June - August 1996 and ongoing yearly updates.

Collaborative Nursing Program Curriculum and Course Development for Semesters 2, 6, 7 and 8, 1996 to present.

Courses Include:

NRSG 1210: Health 2: Chronic Health Challenges
NRSG 1230: Self & Others 2: Interpersonal Relationships
NRSG 1240: Nursing Practice 2: Medicine/Chronic Health Challenges
NRSG 3220: Nursing Research
NRSG 3225: Nursing Inquiry
NRSG 4120: Quantitative & Qualitative Data Analysis
NRSG 4210: Health: Transitions
NRSG 4220: Professional Growth: Transitions

Clinical Agency Orientation to the Collaborative Nursing Program Manual April - May 1996 and 2002.

Student Manual on Learning Styles (Multiple Intelligences and MBTI) developed May - July 1996, updated annually.

Student Manual on Dialogue Journaling developed May - July 1996.

Final Report to Center for Curriculum and Professional Development from Douglas College and Kwantlen University College June 1996

Information Brochures and Calendar Copy on Collaborative Nursing Program June 1996 to 2002

Report for Collaborative Curriculum Committee on the Challenges and Process of offering Online Courses. Oct. - Dec. 1996

Letter of Intent and Baccalaureate in Nursing Program Proposal (Proposal accepted April 1998) to the B.C. Ministry of Education, Skills, & Labor, September - December, 1997


Member of Nursing Informatics Panel and Manual Developer: for Collaborative Nursing Program, Dec. 1995 - April 1996. Coordinated Workshop on April 24, 1997. Information session held for Collaborative Curriculum Committee, January 1997.

The Effects of Soothing Music on Neonatal Behavioral States for: 1) Surrey Memorial Hospital Research Day: January 25, 1994. 2) Collaborative Nursing Program "Celebrating Excellence" Workshop,

Presentation of research paper: "The Integration of Nursing Informatics in a BSN program: Paper vs Web." at CAUSN National Nurse Educator Conference, February 26th, 2000, Vancouver, BC.

Presentation of research paper: "The Integration of Nursing Informatics in a BSN program: Paper vs Web." at Canadian Nurses Association Biennial Conference 2000, June 19, 2000, Vancouver, BC.


"The effect of soothing music on neonatal behavioural states in the hospital nursery" published with Wendy Hall, PhD in Neonatal Network Journal, Vol. 15 , No. 1, pgs. 45 - 54. February 1996.

"The Integration of Nursing Informatics in a BSN program: Paper vs Web."
(paper in progress).

"Learning Style Assessment and Application in Nursing" (paper in progress).

"Nursing Informatics Integration in Nursing Education" (book in progress)
Online Article publications: 1998 to present
Various articles related to health, lifestyle, computer literacy, website design, nutrition, families, business and self development:

Psychology Network: http://www.psychologynetwork.com

BellaOnline: http://www.bellaonline.com/ site/webdesign

Healing Intent: http://www.healingintent.com

"Dance of Spring" art piece featured on the cover of "The Edge", a Midwestern State alternative
health publication. May 2000. The online version is viewable at: http://www.theedge.com

"Common and Predictable Health Challenges across the Life-span in the Kwantlen University College Region", (1997). Kwantlen University College Printing: Surrey.

WEBSITE DESIGN (personal, academic and business sites)

A professional development initiative to empower global nurses to develop their knowledge and abilities in applying nursing informatics in practice, education, research and administration. 2001 - present
Can be viewed at: http://www.nursing-informatics.com

Visions of Adonai Art & Design
Freelance web and graphic design company. Includes comprehensive digital art portfolio and website design portfolio. 1999 - present.
Can be viewed at: http://www.visionsofadonai.com

Nursing Informatics for Kwantlen University College.
Development of full curriculum website on Nursing Informatics and Computer Literacy for student nurses and faculty. 1998 - present.
Can be viewed at: http://www.nursing-informatics.com/kwantlen/index.html

Pegasus Art Gallery Non-profit, virtual art gallery devoted to showcasing the art of over 200
International artists. 1998 - present.
Can be viewed at: http://www.pegasus00.com

Collaborative Nursing Program in B.C. Designer, webkeeper and Chair of working group for the official web-site
for ten partner Nursing programs in British Columbia, Canada. March 2000 - present.
Can be viewed at: http://cnpbc.org

Healing Intent Can be viewed at http://www.healingintent.com

Canadian Nursing Informatics Association (CNIA)
Designed new layout and wrote content for official national site, as part of role of Director of Communications, 2003.
Can be viewed at: http://www.cnia.ca

The In/Visibility of Nurses In Cyberculture
A site developed in my PhD study, focused on the non/presence of nurses within cyberculture: as interactive participants, web site designers, educators, columnists, and writers within an online environment.
Can be viewed at: http://www.nursing-informatics.com/visiblenurse.html

Cyberart as Psychological Tool A site developed in my PhD study, focused on the use of cyberart mediums as psychological tools for gaining experience and for learning.
Can be viewed at: http://www.nursing-informatics.com/cyberart.html

Nursing Informatics Competencies: Self Assessment
A site developed in my PhD study, created to offer registered nurses an online tool for self assessment in general Nursing Informatics competencies.
Can be viewed at: http://www.nursing-informatics.com/cyberart.html

An Onramp to Online Instruction
A site developed in my PhD study with 3 other students, to offer teachers an online tool for developing expertise in e-learning and develop web development and online pedagogical skills. I did the entire web design for this project.
Can be viewed at: http://etec510.met.ubc.ca/Sep02/Projects/MPG-03/index.htm

Chameleon: The University of British Columbia's Journal of Writing for Children
A site developed in my PhD study, to offer work by UBC creative writing and art students. Web design, graphics and Flash introduction.
Can be viewed at: http://www.csci.educ.ubc.ca/publication/insights/v08n01/chameleon/

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