Promotion Considerations

This planet is graced with many talented souls, full of creativity, with a message that the world is dying to hear. Yet, so many go unheard, unknown. How do you break away from the norm and become a voice that is heard? A face that is recognized? It takes more than a good manager and marketing strategy. However, these are both critical. Your CD cover is part of the latter, a very key part of any effective marketing initiative. You want to catch the listener's eye, as they browse through the rack looking for something new and different to buy. You want your work to stand out, to draw the DJ's hand as he or she combs through the studio archives to find a filler or new song to play. You only have seconds to do both. People are sophisticated visual consumers in the 21st century - you have to make your packaging both eye-catching and memorial.

We will help you to achieve this crucial goal, using color, design, texture, blended mediums, and metaphoric imagery to draw attention to your creative package. Images, text and titles will be coordinated to produce an aesthetic and worthy representation of the essence and spirit of your work and your own persona (or that of your band's or company). We are dedicated to helping you to discover the unique nuance of your professional image and to present that to the world through your CD packaging. You only have a few seconds to rivet their eyes and prompt people to pick the CD up and actually examine the contents.

Many people make the mistake of hiring their neighbour or cousin to throw together a decent but often routine cover - at least at first. That is a sure fire recipe for getting lost in the fray. YOU want to go somewhere with your work, and you've got the intelligence to realize that if you are going to do it right, you need to hire a professional to do the job. Our packages are extremely reasonable, well worth the cost for peace of mind and freedom from headaches and worry. We are confident in our approach to design and will deliver your images and finished work on CD, ready for you to bring directly to the distributor. Our approach is perfect for the beginning artist who wants to start out with a few copies yet have the option to order more later. We are the creative department - you are free to find a local distributor to print the final covers and CDs at your leisure.

Points of the Process
The process of creating the cover you envision is completely customized to your schedule, budget, and specifications. You receive the digital files rendered in Photoshop 7.0 in png, tif, and psd formats on CD, ready for printing. Mediums may include:
  • photography
  • digital art
  • hand drawn art
  • graphic symbols
  • lettering and
  • texture work.

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