Custom Template Samples

The Little Website That Could
Powerful vivid colors, "Railroad" metaphor, rich vibrant imagery.
The Little Website That Could 2
Soft pastel colors, "Railroad" metaphor, delicate imagery.
Transitions Birth Doulas
Soft yet rich colors, soothing, feminine imagery.
Route 66 Cyber Cafe
Rich warm colors, "Route 66 cafe" metaphor, 50's retro imagery.
Psychic Carnival
Rich vibrant colors, "Mystical Carnival" metaphor, metaphysical imagery.
Alaska In My Dreams
Rich vibrant colors, "Mystical Alaska" metaphor, realistic imagery.
Soft yet vibrant colors, "Time through the Ages" metaphor, artistic imagery.
Kajama: Journal of the Psyche
Rich vibrant colors, "Universal One" metaphor, artistic imagery.
I Am Shaman
Soft cool colors, "Timeless Shaman" metaphor, mystical imagery.
Church of Entheology
Elegant soft colors, "Web of Life" metaphor, mystical imagery.
Soft etheric colors, "Sacred Earth" metaphor, shamanic imagery.
David Lieder
Soft business like colors, "Global Crusader" metaphor, cyber imagery. Included popups design.
Artists Guild Unlimited
Ethereal nature colors, "Classic Grecian" metaphor, artistic imagery.
Deep mystical colors, "Enchanted Mystic" metaphor, nature and fairy imagery.
Cross to Coven
Mystical colors, "Ancient Beliefs" metaphor,spiritual imagery.
Power & Magick of Love
Earthy mystical colors, "Garden of Eden" metaphor, nature & spiritual imagery.
Crystal Barn
Mystical colors, "Crystal Palace" metaphor, spiritual imagery.
Art Seen Exhibition
Warm artistic colors, "Window to the Soul" metaphor, aesthetic imagery.