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Student Tools

This section will feature student enrichment tools to provide opportunities for dialogue and content enhancement. Dialogue is facilitated by the planned mailing list and chatrooms. Content enhancement is provided through Quicktime and Flash movies to provide visual mini-tutorials to supplement each of the ten modules. To date, two samples of Quicktime movies are available to supplement Module 2.


This email list will connect the students and instructors via email subscription. From a major domo server, students will be sent directions for subscribing to the list: "onramp-list." Once subscribed, students will receive a copy of every email sent to the list. This will provide a good opportunity to share questions and insights about the course and for instructors to make announcments and provide clarification.


Two chat rooms will soon be available for real-time online dialogue between students and instructors. The main chat room will be reserved for instructor moderated dialogue related to the course content. The second chat room will be unmoderated and available for students to use for group and individualized chat with students and/or instructors. Further directions for accessing these chat rooms will be given as you progress through the modules.


Quicktime and Flash movies will be provided in every module with a summary of the entire collection presented on this page for easy access. To date, two movies are available in Module 2. Soon, the remaining titles will be included in this section.

2002-3. Onramp to Online Instruction Project for UBC: ETEC 510
Tanya Bezzasso, June Kaminski, Christine Marin, Hazel Prince
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