Exceptional Design at Visions of Adonai
Exceptional Design at Visions of Adonai
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Your First Database? Turn Dread to Delight!
© 2002. No matter what program you choose, databases require careful planning but are not the sole territory of advanced web design gurus. You too can be successful!

Navigation: The Nerve Center of Your Site!
© 2002. Excellent websites combine well thought-out layout, navigation, graphics and content. Navigation is like the nervous system of our bodies. It connects everything else, allowing movement and flow as your viewers explore your website.

Top Notch Design: What's Your Metaphor?
© 2002. The best sites focus the content, visuals and theme on a easily recognized metaphor. Once you've come up with your metaphor, the rest slowly but surely falls into place.

Design Savvy: It Takes A Practiced Eye!
© 2002. The skill needed to design sophisticated and tasteful web sites with wide appeal can be developed by practically everyone. A good first step in developing this skill is to observe. Not just look, but thoroughly observe. Scrutinize it in depth. What draws you? Why?

Quality Content: The Life Blood of Your Site
© 2002. Content is one of the most important parts of any great web site. You can have a clever design and layout with eye-candy graphics and draw lots of visitors. But will they keep coming back? Maybe. Without great content though, the chances are slim.

Holiday Magic - Attracting Christmas Shoppers
© 2009. A projected 30 million web shoppers are expected to cruise the web, looking for good buys from the comfort of home. Savvy merchants are aware and ready - and the message is -Give them what they want: Quality and top-notch Service!

Dynamic Ezines Triple Your Impact!
© 2003. Smart web site owners realize that a regularly produced ezine can improve traffic, draw new viewers and get the word out there about their site and their services.

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Exceptional Design at Visions of Adonai