Exceptional Design at Visions of Adonai
Exceptional Design at Visions of Adonai
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New Year's Web Site CheckUp
© 2010. The New Year is the perfect time to take stock, and objectively examine your current web site, and how it scores as far as quality, currentness, and standards of excellence goes.

Screen Resolution - Does it Matter?
© 2007. One of the biggest challenges for web designers is deciding what screen resolution a web site should measure.

Web 2.0 Series

Web 2.0 and Your Web Site © 2008.
Web 2.0 has taken the Internet by storm. People of all ages use the new social media capabilities to connect with others, learn, dialogue, and explore. But only a small percentage of web site owners utilize Web 2.0 capabilities on their website.

Blogs are important Web 2.0 Tools! © 2008.
In recent years, web site owners and cyber-explorers have joined the Blog craze in droves, making blogs a critically important Web 2.0 application. Perfect for adding a "personal touch" to your site!

Wikis are Web 2.0 Whiz Tools! © 2009.
Wikis are one of the most time honored Web 2.0 tools - great for adding interactive document and content building capabilities to your web site!

Folksonomies boost Web 2.0 Functionality © 2009.
Folksonomies are inventive and useful tools that can help faculty, leaders, specialists, clinicians and designers present conceptual models of links, documents, and other electronic resources.

Join the Co-Creation Wave! © 2009.
Co-creation is a new business buzz word that has taken the commercial world by storm, and is a direct result of Web 2.0 and social media development. If you have not joined the wave yet, don't despair. Many small businesses have yet to join the plunge, but it is one that you really should be taking advantage of.

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Exceptional Design at Visions of Adonai