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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I buy my group health insurance through SATCOM?

A. To save money on health insurance. Insurance is one of the biggest costs our members face and we believe our rates will be as good as any you'll find. All Greater Baltimore Technology Council (GBTC) members and Inner Circle of Baltimore business members can receive a FREE employee benefits analysis. The benefit analysis can surface many money-saving opportunities that could have a significant impact on your overall health insurance costs. Click here to learn more.

Also, the program will generate additional revenues for your association at no additional cost to you. The money will be used to help support the association programs.

Q. What does the health insurance cost?

A. Like any insurance, the rates depend on the size of your companyL and its demographics. The rates for groups with 50 or more employees are determined on a case-by-case basis. For groups with fewer than 50 employees, the rates are set by the State of Maryland . We believe federal legislation may allow more rate flexibility in the future for membership groups like the GBTC and Inner Circle. In the meantime, we are confident that those members who obtain their insurance through SATCOM will experience many creative, money-saving solutions. Click here to get an estimate.

Q. Which insurance carriers are you using? Can I keep my current carrier?

A. We will offer all major carriers, including Aetna , CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, CIGNA, Fidelity, Kaiser Permanente, Coventry, United Healthcare, and more.

And yes, you can keep your current carrier.

Q. What about Group Dental? Group Vision?

A. Yes, these are available through this program.

Q. Who’s eligible to participate in this program?

A. Only members in good standing are eligible to participate.

Q. Who will administer this proram?

A Science and Technology Consortium of the Mid-Atlantic (SATCOM), a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization with extensive experience in the association group insurance industry. SATCOM was created at the initiative of GBTC leadership more than a dozen years ago. SATCOM will provide insurance expertise for the program and provide the free benefits analysis for members. Click here for more information regarding SATCOM.

Q. How can I get more information about the program?

A. Click here to request more information. Or call SATCOM, at 410-583-1781 or 1-800-583-1785.


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Write Congress

        Is health insurance becoming too costly for your business? Tell your senators small businesses MUST HAVE Association Purchasing Pooled Health Plans (AHPs) for Small-Business to be able to continue providing affordable health insurance to their employees.



      "On the critical issue of health care, our goal is to ensure that Americans can choose and afford private health care coverage that best fits their individual needs. To make insurance more affordable, Congress must act to address rapidly rising health care costs. Small businesses should be able to band together and negotiate for lower insurance rates, so they can cover more workers with health insurance -- I urge you to pass Association Health Plans."
-- President George Bush,

State of the Union Address
January 20, 2004.

See who supports AHP'S


        SATCOM is a 501(c)(6)
non-profit purchasing alliance for science and technology-driven companies of all sizes.
It has extensive administrative and consulting skills in all types of insurance. SATCOM has been selected by the
Greater Baltimore Tech Council to administer its Health Insurance Program.  It was the GBTC leadership that urged the formation of SATCOM more than a dozen years ago, to address Tech Council members’ needs for affordable, omprehensive health insurance.