Exceptional Design at Visions of Adonai
Exceptional Design at Visions of Adonai
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Testimonials and Feedback

Wow! June it is awesome! What a wonderful job! It has a great and refreshing new look. I loved everything about the new design and layout. Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to do that for me. I appreciate it tremendously!

Liz Smith
Elizabeth Smith Gallery

Hi there! - Just surfed on to your site and I am really impressed with your spiritual philosophies, alluring art, and visions of the future ...... *-._.-* ....... EXCELLENT!

We are just starting up a digital imaging biz to help digital artists print their work onto canvas and watercolour media ...... we need some great art for our website ...... if we wanted to use your art on our website would that be possible ??? can you let me know ... maybe we can print some of your work for you??

*-._.-* really enjoyed your site *-._.-* most back now and feast on some more !!!


I just wanted to say how much I like your graphics. When your page first loaded I felt a reverent silence descend upon me! Actually I had headphones on listening to music, so it wasn't so silent, but the piece I was listening to at the time complimented the aforementioned feeling. I love the Egyptianesque look. It reminds me of my visit to the museum in Cairo. Nice . . . gives me something to aim for. -----


June is the most professional and creative designer I've ever seen. Google her name and you will find her artistic endeavors everywhere. She is a brilliant and intuitive designer, and has the ability to ask questions before you even know what to ask. If you want to hire an expert who will provide you much more than you could have imagined, be sure you work with June. She not only designed my husband's website, but my "God Is A Verb" website and she is now working on my Meta-ET site. I enthusiastically endorse her work. Thanks to June....I get hundreds of compliments on my websites!

Jodi McDonald - Meta ET and God is a Verb

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Exceptional Design at Visions of Adonai