We offer both expert Captioning and Transcription services.

Captioning Services

Click here to see a sample of a captioned Quick Time movie. This media was captioned using OPEN CAPTIONS. Open captions are burned into the video media and are always visible.

CLOSED CAPTIONS are encoded in Line 21 of broadcast television signaling and a decoder is necessary to view them. Most televisions have Line 21 closed caption decoders built into them.

Closed captions are different from subtitles that might be found in movies on DVDs because they are specifically targeted to provide deaf viewers with words that provide information about sounds in video media.

The Quick Time movie sample that we provided has "open" captions but they are very close in nature to what closed captions would be because sounds are described.

Transcription Services

Our team members possess a wealth of knowledge in a broad range of support services including expertise in the following:

  • Medical transcription
  • Legal transcription
  • Post production transcripts
  • Post-secondary graduate level transcripts of classes for the deaf and hard of hearing