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Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee at Starr Roofing is one of the most robust in the industry, with five or ten year (depending on the specific service you receive) complete cost replacement. We also will help you to choose the best materials that will last for generations when taken care of properly.

Before and after pictures of the roof will be taken and kept on file for future reference and to support our guarantee. The contractor shall provide a second Manufacturer's Guarantee furnished by the manufacturer for materials. The contractor is responsible for the applications of the roof and any leaks that may develop as a direct result of workmanship.

Our guarantee for 5 to 10 years is valid when the customer follows certain conditions that require regular maintenance in order to prolong the life expectancy of the roof. These include:

  1. Gutters and downspouts must be cleaned in spring and fall annually in order to avoid backup through the soffit area.

  2. The main house drain must be cleaned upon completion of your roofing project (the following day). This must be completed by a qualified plumber. It is recommended that this procedure is applied every 2-3 years (applies to most if not all flat roofs).

  3. Leaves and debris should be removed twice annually. This applies to all roofs and prevents blockage in the main drain and venting systems.

  4. Old roof flashing should be re-inspected periodically to avoid corrosion and future leaks.

  5. Caulking should be grouted every 5-7 years and new caulking should be applied. (Only high quality exterior grade such as NP1 should be used).

  6. Installation of aerials, antennas, chimneys, patio, furniture, decks or alteration to the roof in any way should not be attempted without prior approval by a qualified Affiliated Roofers employee. Work by any other contractor shall void this guarantee unless otherwise approved by Starr and Toor Roofers.

  7. When cleaning your chimney, please ask the contractor to inspect all the bricks on the roof level. Minor maintenance can avoid major problems.

  8. With very heavy snow falls on low sloped roofs, it is common that the snow may cover the venting systems and result in a leak. After the snow fall, take the time to inspect your venting and roof to ensure that all systems are functioning properly. If not, remove the snow from these areas immediately. Snow fall must be monitored to assure that the roof's health is maintained. Large snowfalls should be dealt with promptly.

  9. If bald spots begin to occur on a gravel roof, we recommend adding gravel to cover the bald area. This will prevent the sun from burning the underlayment. (Gravel is available in most hardware stores).

  10. Soffits around all perimeters of your home should be properly vented and not clogged by insulation, avoiding condensation and possible wood rot.

  11. If leaks or water stains (no matter how minor) should occur on your ceiling or wall, please notify the contractor immediately. If this guarantee is correctly followed by both parties, a watertight condition can be easily obtained.

  12. Although it is nice to feed animals, it is NOT RECOMMENDED on or about your property. Animals often try to burrow or nest in attics. They can cause extensive damage to your shingles, in and around your roof.

  13. Starr and Toor Roofers does NOT cover damages due to unnatural excessive weather conditions.

  14. Client has read and fully agrees to the terms of this guarantee.

A 24-hour emergency response line is available for all clients and the response time is quick and professional. This includes residential homes large commercial warehouses, apartment buildings, high-rises, not-for-profit housing, and industrial complexes.

Our Guarantee: Starr Roofing offers a 5- 10-year for customers consideration .

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Our Guarantee