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Sample Business Plan Outline
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Business Overview

Business History
Vision and Mission Statement
Location and Facilities

Products and Services

Description of Products and Services
Key Features of the Products and Services
Production of Products and Services
Future Products and Services
Comparative Advantages in Production

Industry Overview

Market Research
Size of the Industry
Key Product Segments
Key Market Segments
Purchase Process and Buying Criteria
Description of Industry Participants
Key Industry Trends
Industry Outlook

Marketing Strategy

Target Markets
Description of Key Competitors
Analysis of Competitive Position
Pricing Strategy
Promotion Strategy
Distribution Strategy

Management and Staffing

Organizational Structure
Management Team
Labour Market Issues

Regulatory Issues

Intellectual Property Protection
Regulatory Issues


Market Risks
Other Risks

Implementation Plan

Implementation Activities and Dates

Financial Plan

Beginning Balance Sheet
Pro Forma Income Statement
Cash Flow Statement, Year 1
Three Year Projected Annual Cash Flow
Balance Sheet
Business Ratios


Note 1: Revenue Assumptions
Note 2: Assumptions Regarding the Collection of Sales Revenue
Note 3: Cost of Sales Assumptions
Note 4: Sales and Marketing Assumptions
Note 5: Property and Utilities Assumptions
Note 6: Operations Assumptions
Note 7: Banking and Other Assumptions
Note 8: Wages and Other Assumptions
Note 9: Other Sources of Funding
Note 10: Other Uses of Funding

Business Overview

Business History

Company X is a new retail and production business venture due to begin operations on September 1, 1999. The business is a (type of business) business intended to serve the community of the (geographic location) and surrounding area. A community of 600,000 residents in (City, State) that currently does not have a (business type) service dedicated to (product and service description). The business will also feature unique (products) from work done by (inventor)- an emerging local (professional type). (Professional) has been well received within the Internet community, with requests for reproduction. An online website and internet outlet will also be established to offer the company's services on a global basis.

Vision and Mission Statement

(Company X) will become the premier source of (business niche) in the Lower (City) and surrounding areas. The company will also be the sole provider of (products and services) from the (professional), both locally and globally. Our goal is to provide customers with a wide variety of (kind of service) choices, and to promote (business niche) production in the community. As well, we intend to distribute (product and services) to an eager global and local market.


  1. Complete start up activities, acquire inventory and open the business to our customers.

  2. Secure agreements with local (stakeholders) outlets in (locale) and globally via the Internet.

  3. Obtain a term loan of $x00,000 (amount) in order to acquire equipment and materials for the business.

  4. Gain a market share of 10 per cent of all (kind of business) sold in the (geographic) area by the end of the first year of operation.

  5. Gain a market share of 1 per cent of all (products and services) sold globally from our website store by the end of the first year of operation.

  6. Attain and maintain a position as the leading retailer of (products and services) in the (geographic) area.

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