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Business Writing

Business Plans Unique Plans written for Emerging Businesses.
Development Tool Business Coaching Exam Test Items
Consumer Review Environmental and Health Effects of Using Leaf Blowers
Donation Request Equipment Donation Request Business Letter
Market Research The Influence of Multinational Corporations:
An International Political - Economics Perspective
Business Paper Leadership and Work - Life Relations and Issues
Business Article Psychology of Leadership
Business Paper Leadership and Change Management:
Navigating the Turbulent Frontier
Business Paper Strategic Management Explored -
Business in the 21st Century

Academic Writing

Pedagogy First Nations Pedagogy
PhD Work Nursing through the Lens of Culture: A Multiple Gaze
Tech Talk Article Moodle a User-Friendly, Open Source Course Management System
Tech Talk Article Virtual Nursing Practice and Culture: Shaping Our Place in Cyberspace
Thesis Article The Effects of Soothing Music on Neonatal Behavioral
States (published February 1996)
Research Proposal The Effect of Classroom Management
on High School Academic Achievement
Literature Review The Effect of the Level of Impaired Self Awareness
(Anosognosia) on Quality of Life in Individuals
with Post Traumatic Brain Injury
Research Essay 18th Century Medicine and Women's Bodies
Sentimentalism Engendered
Research Paper Cultural Factors and Separation Anxiety in Preschoolers
E-learning Portfolio Various samples of e-learning, learning tools, distance education coursework developed for several companies.
Virtual Pedagogy Writings, resources, theory related to virtual education and pedagogy.
Editorials Online Journal of Nursing Informatics - I am the Editor in Charge for Virtual Nursing Practice and Culture.

Website Writing

Distance Learning Editor - Articles, newsletter, links.
Web Design Editor - Articles, newsletter, links.
Tarot Editor - Articles, newsletter, links.
BRIEF ME "Astrology & Psychic" E-zine Editor
Chameleon Children's Journal copywriting, design.
CNIA Official national site copywriting, design.
CNPBC Official academic site, text, design.
Cyberart as Psychological Tool Essays, analysis, design. Articles, links, resources related to the Anishinabe Ojibwe tribe.
DynoWomyn Web Haven Articles, design, copywriting. .
Family Internet Articles & links.
Family Nutrition column, links, articles.
Healing Articles, design, news, links.
In/Visibility of Nurses Academic essay, analysis, design.
Nursing Articles, ezine, links, e-learning, design.
Nursing Informatics E-learning, design.
Nutrition Articles Expert advice at Life Choices.
Onramp to Online Instruction Academic copywriting, design.
Pegasus Art Gallery Copywriting, design, technical support
Psychology Network Wellness Staff Writer.
Rajuna's Refuge Articles, copywriting, design.
Reincarnation Central Articles, manuals, links, design.
Visions of Adonai Design Exquisite Graphic Art and Web Design.
Wellness Centre Copywriting, design.

General Writing

Menopause: A Time Of Power! Women's Health & Wellness Article.
DynoWomyn Dialogue Newsletter Monthly health publication, Vol, 1 & 2.

Business Writing at its finest! Savvy Web Content, Copy Writing Professional Academic Writing, E-Learning Development Personable and Impressive General Writing
Business Writing at its finest! Savvy Web Content, Copy Writing Professional Academic Writing, E-Learning Development Personable and Impressive General Writing

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