Chameleon - UBC's Journal of Children's Literature
v 1 n 1
Spring 2003

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About Chameleon

Chameleon is the UBC Creative Writing Department’s Anthology of Writing for Children. Our goal is to create an anthology of quality writing for children that raises awareness of the genre for students and faculty
, as well as the community outside of the department.

Begun in 1981, by Writing for Children Professor Sue Ann Alderson, Chameleon is a compilation of student writing and art, published annually with the help of both students and faculty. Many students who have been published in previous issues of Chameleon have gone on to become renowned, successful children’s writers. Among them are Shirley Sterling, whose book My Name is Seepeetza won the BC Book Prize and the Sheila Egoff Award; Gayle Friesen, whose book Janey’s Girl won the CLA Book of the Year and was shortlisted for the Governor General’s award; and Ellen Schwartz, whose popular series Starshine has won acclaim from kids and adults alike. Chameleon offers emerging writers the opportunity gain exposure and experience as published writers.

Editor: Chameleon is edited by Helen Kuk .

Helen is in her 2nd year of the MFA in Creative Writing. She studied English and Biology at the University of Toronto. She teaches high school part time in Vancouver.


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Chameleon: UBC's Journal of Children's Literature

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