Chameleon - UBC's Journal of Children's Literature
v 1 n 1
Spring 2003

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Chameleon v 1 no 1 - Spring 2003


Read - along: This piece is suited to reading aloud together, and/or a
younger reader could benefit from some discussion of this piece with a more experienced reader.
Read - alone: This piece is suited to junior readers.
Older Readers: This piece is suited to young adult readers.

   1. I Await Hocus Pocus

we board: BUS PJ Sarah Collins
Washed Away
Where No Fish Walks Carolye Kuchta
A Kernel of the Journal of Violet B. Sturdy
Jennifer Rogers
Marvin Goes to The Hospital (excerpt) Madeline Sonik

   2. They Surf and Spin, They Laugh, They Grin

Play Ball Audrey Pfitzenmaier
The Lost Sock Marguerite Pigeon
Bully for Hugs Ginger Mullen
Looking Harmony Ho
Some Sunshine Fell

   3. Left All Alone on the Lakeshore

Go Down to the Boneyard Carolye Kuchta
The Goose Mother Pat Godwin

   4. It's Your Time to Shine

Mama's Garden Jennifer Scott
There IS Something Wrong Lisa OH!
There Once was an Infinite Universe

   5. I Wandered Through Rooms I Don't Know Anymore

Lemons, an excerpt
from a story about a girl named Wyoming
Harmony Ho
Truth Ginger Mullen
The Truth Karen Hakkarainen
Screaming Red
Every Second Friday
I Thought, Maybe
This Is Family Jennifer Scott
Sunday Morning Runaway Jill Boettger
Northern Lights
Rising Star
Potter's Daughter



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