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v 1 n 1
Spring 2003

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Chameleon is extremely fortunate to have had the collaboration of many people who were so generous with their time and energy.

Many thanks to the team at the e-journal Educational Insights, published by the Centre for Studies in Curriculum and Instruction, for launching Chameleon online for the first time. Thank you to June Kaminski for designing and building the website, to Madeline Sonik for coordinating, delegating and doing work on the site, and to Wendy Perrtula for her work on the site.Thank you to all three for their brainstorming skills. Thank you to Martin Elliot for recording the Chameleon poets for the site. And thank you to Lynn Fels for offering to host Chameleon on Educational Insights.

Thanks to those poets who read for the website, and to the special readers who provided their voices in support: Travis Christie, Daniel Ellis, ZoŽ Johnson, Adrienne McLeod, Davis Pfitzenmaier, and Brendan Rouse.

I am grateful to Alison Acheson for her tireless advice, support and prompt responses to regular, panicked emails. Thank you to Andrew Gray for the use of his office, the on-going crash course in desktop publishing, and for his ability to answer any question with conviction. Thank you to Andreas Schroeder for his help in getting Chameleon to print. Thank you to Michelle Winegar for her hands-on assistance in those last moments of desperation. Thank you to Jeff Morris for fielding drive-by questions. And thank you to Harmony Ho and Jennifer Scott for their insight and assistance during the selection and editing process.

Thank you to Kathie Shoemaker for putting Chameleon in touch with skilled illustrators whose work has made so much difference in Chameleon's new look and production quality over the last two years. Thank you to Kathie's Children's Book Illustration class at Langara College.

Finally, a special thanks to all the writers and illustrators who submitted to Chameleon 2003 and helped to make it a worthy showcase for their talent.

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