Chameleon - UBC's Journal of Children's Literature
v 1 n 1
Spring 2003

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by Harmony Ho

Some Sunshine Fellinto my hands today.
I tried to hold it
but it wouldn't sit still
in my palms
and spilled over
onto the sidewalk cracks
right where I was standing.

So I walked home quickly
s       n       h       n
    u        s        i        e
puddles of gold here
and there that grew
bigger and bigger.

And I opened the treasure box
sitting on top of my dresser
and poured the sunshine in.

When it is raining and I am cold
I will open the box,
fling wide my window
and let the sunshine spill
its yellow into the world.

Illustration by Kathryn Shoemaker   
Read by Harmony Ho   

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