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Bill Reed Ph.D., is President of Reed & Associates and creator of this consulting/coaching initiative. Previous to this, Dr. Reed devoted nearly 30 years to business and management activities. Dr. Reed began his working career as a corporate Lear Jet pilot and captain serving executive clients throughout the U.S., Caribbean, Canada, and Mexico.

In 1978, he entered the business world, as president of his own business organizations. During this time he was active in the training and development of the sales people and managers who worked for him. After 17 years, Dr. Reed entered the large corporate environment where he was active in management for almost 9 years. His most recent corporate position was Director of Sales for a division of a $2.5 billion sales organization. Throughout his career, Dr. Reed has been consistently involved in the development of sales and management personnel, organizational behavior, and in front-line and executive level leadership while rising from salesperson to manager, director and president.

Complimenting his extensive business career, Dr. Reed pursued academic experiences as well. His first academic degree was a Bachelor of Science in Technology. Later, he successfully completed a Masters of Science in Management. His latest academic degree is a Ph.D. in Management Performance and Leadership. His academic background and preparation closely aligns his business and management experience to provide unparalleled guidance and support to sales and management executives.

Dr. Reed's academic focus has uniquely prepared him to provide support, training and direction in the development of business leadership qualities and capabilities for the 21st century business arena. He continues his academic interests as a professor in many management and business area disciplines. He is not just another consultant/coach, but is keenly aware of the global and infrastructural changes affecting business and management, and is ready to share these transformational insights with you and your company.

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