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Reed & Associates is dedicated to move you, or your entire sales team, from a "want to" level of operation to a "am doing" level or performance and satisfaction in the shortest amount of time. Current intense competition and ever present "change" presents demanding challenges every workday.

Dr. Bill Reed, president of Reed & Associates, blends over 30 years of real estate and corporate sales management experience with a humanistic leadership management model of success and growth.

Holding a master's degree in the science of management and a PhD. in management performance and leadership, he is uniquely qualified to bring real estate professionals to new levels of efficiency, production and work-life balance. Through a program of personal coaching, Dr. Reed works towards identifying, planning and integrating your skills and abilities to effect your maximum human potential.

You are invited to call our toll free number and speak to Dr. Reed today to make arrangements for a free 30 minute personal coaching session to learn about our unique and extraordinary program.

Don't miss this opportunity to explore and learn about our program. Call today !

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