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Have the wonderful plans of only a few months ago been forgotten? Have the need for change fully occupied the time of you management staff? Does your management team need a fresh perspective, or perhaps a total overhaul? Have current demands on management made it difficult to even know if you are addressing the right questions? Is morale down, performance lagging, no clear path to navigate the future? These are but a few of the questions we are prepared to help you with in your organization.

It is our intention to help your current management bridge the gap from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow. Dr. Bill Reed, president of Reed & Associates incorporates over 30 years of management and business experience with a humanistic leadership management style to produce a workable plan of growth and success. We are available for one time projects or ongoing arrangements to help your organization propel into the future.

This "management for hire" program permits even the smallest of businesses the opportunity to have a highly skilled and management oriented individual on YOUR TEAM to help achieve your goals. Holding a master's degree in the science of management and a PhD. in management performance and leadership, Dr. Reed is uniquely qualified to guide business owners to new levels of efficiency, production and work-life balance. Through a program of personal coaching, Dr. Reed works towards identifying, planning and integrating your skills and abilities to effect your maximum human potential for you and you company.

You are invited call our toll free number and speak to Dr. Reed today to discuss your current and future needs and to learn about our unique and extraordinary program. .

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