The VOA Awards Program at Visions of Adonai
The VOA Awards Program at Visions of Adonai
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VOA Awards Program Self-Test

  • Did you read the VOA Awards criteria (General AND Specific award criteria)?

  • Does your site download quickly and properly in IE, Firefox and/or Netscape?

  • Is your site easy and enjoyable to navigate?

  • Is your coding accurate and functioning well? (HTML, CSS, JAVA, Flash, PHP, XHTML, DHTML?)

  • Is your design original and unique?

  • Is your content accurate, clear and free of errors?

  • Does your content provide value? Does it fill a need?

  • Are your text and content well laid out within your graphical design?

  • Is your content free of profanity and discriminatory statements?

  • Are your graphics original and aesthetic?

  • Do the colors, textures, layout, and mood of your graphics/text meld well?

  • If you offer a Flash intro or Music, do you include a "Turn Off" alternative?

  • Is your site appealing and eye catching?

  • Does your site reflect Purpose and Intention?

  • Is your site free of ad pop-ops, adware, spyware?

  • Do you meet the C.O.P.P.A . criteria? Are you 14 years or over?

If you can answer "YES!" to all of these questions, APPLY NOW!

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The VOA Awards Program at Visions of Adonai