The VOA Awards Program at Visions of Adonai
The VOA Awards Program at Visions of Adonai
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Ein Licht aus dem Dunkel
Doris Gulewycz's beautiful site from Vienna/Austria showcasing her amazing photography, Bryce and other art work, a section on minerals and more.

** - Shadow´s New World
From Germany, a magical design showcases artwork, linkware graphics, informative sections and more!
Creative content for wap device owners. Ringtones, Logos, Forum and more!

Indian MEDLARS Centre
1st Indian health site serving as portal to over 100 biomedical websites.
Exquisite design showcases the poetry of Cheryl Perreault in rare ambience and style.

From Yugoslavia, CleverForm is an online solution for sophisticated form-based data collection, processing and analysis with built-in all-purpose intelligence and integration features.

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The VOA Awards Program at Visions of Adonai